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Sate data exception on bulk/cocurrent workitem update

Meghana Pandey (15111514) | asked Feb 21 '11, 12:07 a.m.
I have developed two follow up actions. One follow up action, rolls up its children's state to the parent. For ex, if all its children have moved to Review state from DRAFT then its parent would also be changed to Review state.

The other follow up does the opposite, it propagates a field like say owner/estimate to all its children .

I have both this configured in my project area operations on WI save.
Now, I open a plan which has a parent WI and two children. I change the state of the tasks and hit save on plan itself. This is giving me a stale data exception in my team advisor window. I had put stale data exception handlers in both the follow ups but still getting this stale data exception from repository.

Please help what is wrong here and how to fix this. Also the problem persists only if both the children are saved concurrently.(like saving a plan after editing both children)
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