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Multiple Approvals

Peter Kidwell (2399) | asked Dec 14 '10, 4:22 p.m.
Using RTC, we have a new custom workitem type that represents the entire lifecycle of a development effort. Due to our internal processes, this lifecycle involves several levels of approval from customers, testers, etc.

We can add multiple approvals, with different names, to each workitem record (and come 3.0 I know we can put them all into a template). Now we are looking at using the "Required Approvals" pre-condition. We would like to be able to make a particular named approval required at different states - so the team lead's approval before the work item moves to the "testing" state, the customer's approval before the work item moves to the "deployment" state, etc.

At least in, the "Required Approvals" pre-condition only shows "Approval" - no way to specify a particular named approval. Is this not possible? Coming in 3.0? Or is there another way to do it?

Pete K.

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Douglas Trottman (5674) | answered Dec 31 '10, 10:04 a.m.
I, too, am looking for what Pete is asking for. We have two approval states and want to block the work item from going to Done only if the second approval is not done. However, we found that with two approvals, we could move to Done even if only the first approval was approved.
We are already using the Review and Verification types for other purposes so we can't just define the two approval states with different approval types.


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