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Troubleshooting contributed presentations

Krzysztof Daniel (5163) | asked Dec 08 '10, 10:37 a.m.
I am trying to contribute my own attribute presentation to the WEB UI in RTC 3.0.

I have plugin
in which I have files Star.js and Star.css (in the root of the plugin).

Star.js declares and provides.

The plugin.xml is:

<extension point="net.jazz.ajax.cssBindingSets">
<cssBindingSet id="">
<cssBinding jsModule="">
<cssModule path="/Star.css"/>
<extension point="net.jazz.ajax.webBundles">
<requiredWebBundle id="net.jazz.ajax"/>

Unfortunately this does not work. The plugin is up and running, but the editor presentation does not appear anywhere. I expect the problem is with paths. How can I troubleshoot this plugin?

The RCP client works fine - I configure the process from there, the presentation id is the same.

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Krzysztof Daniel (5163) | answered Dec 09 '10, 6:58 a.m.
It turned out that that all resources must be placed in the resources folder.
I have opened Defect 141552 to clarify the documentation.

The problem is still here - how can we troubleshoot the presentation?

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