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Retrieve repository files for a given snapshot

Lydia Huang (121) | asked Oct 27 '10, 4:06 p.m.
I was trying to obtain repository files from a snapshot, which I obtained from the build result. The following code demonstrate what I tried to do:

IBuildResultContribution[] contributionsSnapShot = ClientFactory.getTeamBuildClient(teamRepository).getBuildResultContributions(buildResult, ScmConstants.EXTENDED_DATA_TYPE_ID_BUILD_SNAPSHOT, monitor);
for (IBuildResultContribution snapShotContribution : contributionsSnapShot) {
IItemHandle snapShotItemHanler = snapShotContribution.getExtendedContribution();
BaselineSet set = (BaselineSet) teamRepository.itemManager().fetchCompleteItem(snapShotItemHanler, 0, monitor);
for(Object baseline : baselines)


The question is how do I get the correct version of repository files which are "marked" by the known snapshot? What APIs do I need to use? I couldn't find any more documentation for the RTC SDK plain Java APIs.

Thanks a lot.

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