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Build sign by testers

Roman Smirak (3164933) | asked Apr 03 '08, 2:37 a.m.

We have been managing a status of a build at wiki; e.g. if a build
passes system tests the testers sign the build (weekly, acceptance); if it
has been released, etc.

Can I manage such kind of information in Jazz?


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Jean-Michel Lemieux (2.5k11) | answered Apr 03 '08, 10:42 a.m.
We do the same ourselves, here is one approach:

1. An integration build is run and you have a build record in the Jazz repository for it.
2. On the build page, create a work item from the build. This will link the work item with the build.
3. Create approvals on the work item with the list of people who have to sign-off.
4. When all approvals are done, tag the build or promote as a deliverable (there is a link on the build for this).
5. If it's an important release, you may also want to promote the snapshot from the build to the Integration stream so that it's blessed.

Jean-Michel Lemieux
Jazz Source Control Team

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