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Progress column in plan view showing incorrect data

Tim Aston (131) | asked Oct 14 '10, 8:36 a.m.
I like having the "Progress" column in my current sprint plan view as it does a nice roll-up at the story level of the total hours and the hours remaining under the story (eg. "13/18 h"). However, when we have certain types of custom work items as children of the story, the roll-up is not done correctly, and I see "0/0 Story Points", which is not the least bit useful.

Like I said, this happens with a custom work item type, but it does include the "Estimate" attribute just like regular work items. We also have the "Estimate" column turned on in our plan view, and this custom work item does not get the drop-down to enter a value in the same way as regular work items do. So it seems that this "Estimate" field is not a REAL estimate field, and that it is messing up the hours roll-up somehow. But I'm not sure how to correct this?


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Mike Shkolnik (9809161143) | answered Jun 16 '11, 5:16 p.m.
What appears to happen is that story points trump hours. I believe this has to do with mixing "execution items" (items containing time, such as Tasks) with non-execution items (such as Stories or your custom item). For example, any story I have that has only tasks below it rollup their task progress just fine. But throw a story underneath that story and the rollup number now reflects story points instead of hours.

I hope that answer was worth waiting 8 months for. :)

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