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Should "current iteration" be user specific in que

Daniel Cox (4261168) | asked Oct 10 '10, 2:50 p.m.
I was thinking through the implications of being a member of multiple teams. One of the places where I thought this might have an affect is when running a query which selects the "current iteration" checkbox for planned for.

Currently it looks like this just works to select all work items in the project for all current iterations across all timelines. Would it make sense to have an additional selection which was "my current iterations"? Having some members be on multiple teams is often the case when there some members who work both on maintenance and new functionality while some only work on one or the other.

There appears to be a similar deficiency in querying on team areas - there is no special selection "my team areas".

If anyone from the development team feels either of these would be useful I'll submit an enhancement request.

This is all from an RTC 2.0 perspective BTW - though I don't recall any new/noteworthy related to this for 3.0 I haven't actually run 3.0 to see what happens.

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Daniel Cox (4261168) | answered Oct 17 '10, 5:45 p.m.

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