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repeatedly breakdown a batch of stories to same set of tasks

Thomas Yu (1011199) | asked Jul 18 '10, 11:39 p.m.
hello, all,
I have about 100 user stories in a spreadsheet.
My goal is to have these user stories in a release backlog, each user story being broken down to a set of tasks.
A nice thing is, each user story has the same set of tasks (about 7) as its children.

As RTC2.0.0.2 doesn't support importing parent-children relationship,
I can think of these steps:
1. Create a work item template containing the set of tasks for a user story.
2. Import the 100 user stories from spreadsheet to a release backlog in RTC.
3. For each user story, manually call the work item template to generate its children tasks.

Step #3 is obviously time consuming and manually intensive.

My questions:
1. Can any one indicate me an easier way to achieve my goal?
2. Is there a way to programmingly create task children for a batch of user stories?


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