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Is the Jazz Server mandatory in RAM 7.2+?

Revathi Subramanian (369) | asked May 23 '10, 4:26 p.m.
I have RAM up and running on a Websphere ND Cluster. Our application was initially coded to RAM and worked fine. I would appreciate two sets of pointers

1) We are using RAM as an asset repository for our multi-tenant cloud applications. RAM is mainly used to facilitate asset sharing and isolation in the cloud, as well as to take assets that were authored in the cloud onto the enterprise for future work. In this context, why would we need jazz? Are there some obvious benefits/merits for our customers that we are currently missing out on?

2) is there a way to disable the RTC requirement in our install environment? i) so that we don't have to set up anything Jazz related and ii) don't require an exrta app server and other resources to run jazz.

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Rich Kulp (3.6k38) | answered May 24 '10, 9:43 a.m.

The answer is no it cannot be turned off. RTC is used to manage the
asset's lifecycle and history.


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Gili Mendel (1.8k56) | answered May 27 '10, 8:27 a.m.
The extra server is needed at this time since RTC does not yet support clustering... this is a point of time kind of thing. In the future we will be able to deploy it on the same cluster.

The Jazz platform provides open, rest based change management and source control... which is the basis of RAM's governance. This includes managing assets lifecycle and potentially more goodness in the future.

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