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Using UTF-8 w/BOM file is OK?(repotools / conf file)

Tayaka Mizushima (622016) | asked Mar 29 '10, 3:02 a.m.
Recently I tried to import users from csv file.(repotools -importUsers)

When I import users from the file saved with Windows notepad as UTF-8, I have a problem.The first user(fist line of the file) was added as invalid user.The user is exist, but can't login.

Now I guess, it is because of BOM. Windows notepad saves UTF-8 file with BOM. When I use another text editer and save user-list file as UTF-8N, it works fine.

My question is:

1. Using repotools -importUsers, should I save user list file with UTF-8N(UTF-8 without BOM) ?

2. Is it safe to use windows notepad to modify rtc configuration files?(server.xml and so on)

Working with some rtc server, I have modified some rtc configuration files with Windows notepad. They look no problem and look work fine.

My setting is:
- Windows Server 2008 SP2 64bit
- RTC Express / RTC iFix1 Standard
- Tomcat

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