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REST API - Problem with query URL

Bruno Braga (48013621) | asked Mar 18 '10, 5:54 p.m.
I can get a specific workitem usign REST API, but I had problem with queries.

I'm following this article:

The suggested query URL is:

I think the "context" _9BHm0EqVEd6HXO10niqZpg is the Project Area ID. Is it true?

I don't know for sure what the correct query URL, so I'm having some errors 406 (Not Acceptable), 400 (Bad Request), 404 in my tests.

In cases without "context" like that bellow I don't having problems:

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Bruno Braga (48013621) | answered Mar 18 '10, 6:10 p.m.
I'm almost certain the "context" is Project Area ID (the doc don't say nothing about that).

So, using my Project Area ID and workitems.json I get this message:

"message": "Undeclared namespace prefix: ",
"status": 400

What is that?

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Bruno Braga (48013621) | answered Mar 19 '10, 12:15 a.m.

How to get the correct URL is explained in session "Discovery" :P

and my problem was that I used some elements of OSLC doc like that:



For RTC, the correct is:

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