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Error Installing RTC Client into Eclipse 3.4.2

David Ellis (3142) | asked Mar 10 '10, 9:25 a.m.

I am trying to install the RTC Express-C Client, using the Installation Manager bundle, into an existing Eclipse 3.4.2 environment.

I have applied the recommended patches from here:

That resolved most errors, but I am still left with one error which I cannot resolve, and which stops the installation from proceeding:

"Offering cannot be installed into this existing Eclipse installation configuration because it has features that are not tolerated by the offering
Feature "org.eclipse.jdt.feature" in the existing Eclipse installation does not meet version tolerance "3.4.2" for feature "" which is about to be installed"

I notice that the IBM document above says "You must use Installation Manager 1.3.3, otherwise the installation fails", whereas the RTC/IM bundle seems to use IM 1.3.2. I am not sure if that is significant and if so what to do about it.

Thanks, David.

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David Ellis (3142) | answered Mar 11 '10, 10:28 a.m.
Well I didn't find out what was causing that, but I tried another approach instead which worked.

Installed RAD 7.5.3, including Installation Manager (1.3.1).

Then installed the RTC Eclipse extensions, using their bundled Installation Manager (1.3.2), which then picked up the existing RAD installation, and allowed the RTC extensions to be added to the existing package group. This completed without error.

So, I guess when both applications are installed using Installation Manager it is easier to be sure that things will be compatible, though it would have been nice to find an explanation for the previous error message.

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