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Using TeamPlatform (and FileSystemCore?) Properly

Andrew Harmel-Law (14612218) | asked Jan 09 '10, 5:33 a.m.
Hi there,

I'm writing a Hudson plugin for Jazz SCM/Build Engine (RTC At various points I need to have the TeamPlatform started or I get errors. I've not yet been able to figure out precisely when I need to start it so am using the following construct in my code:

if (!TeamPlatform.isStarted()) {


I previously noticed that after a while of development (i.e. running lots of unit tests) or test running that I was getting spurious errors. A restart of my test RTC Server and a clean and build of my maven workspace seems to resolve this.

It seems that the problem is with the TeamPlatform but I'm not exactly sure where. I tried putting the following in my code to tidy up after myself but got "already stopped" errors thrown, despite the logic guard:

if (TeamPlatform.isStarted()) {


Can anyone help point out my obvious mistake. I can;t find much help on this topic elsewhere on the forums, docs, or internet.


Cheers, Andrew

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