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QMAdapter*.out file is not created for successful test executions

evgeniia melamud (133) | asked Apr 15, 1:14 a.m.


We're using RQMExecutionAdapter version 6.0.600 to execute tests with commandline scripts in RQM. 
The setup is the following: commaind line script points to the .bat file which runs .exe file (our application written in C#). In the application we attach the result of the test execution by updating qm_AttachmentsFile input variable.

Recently we discovered that QMAdapter*.out file is only attached to the test result in case of unsuccessful results, e.g. failed, inconclusive, etc. But if a test passes then .out file is not there - only the attachment we add.

We've made some investigation and found out that last time .out file was added together with our attachment file to the successful test was in November 2022, but we haven't changed anything in the code related to upload of attachment since that time. So we're a bit in doubt what could affect the execution.Is there a chance that it was changed in some version of RQMExecutionAdapter?

Any help is much appreciated

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