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JAS for non-web clients

Ernesto Liria (111) | asked Mar 12, 7:50 a.m.
edited Mar 14, 9:32 a.m.

 Hi all, 

I have deployed a JAS (v7.0.3) instance with localUserRegistry to perform SSO and authenticate users. When I use a web browser and try to get the resources of a JTS, the browser is redirected to the JAS URL, asks for credentials, authenticates and redirects to the resources... everything is fine.

My problem is trying to get the token usin non-web client (Visual Studio & WPF application).

Using the configuration: 
- token  Endpoint = "{JAS_URI}/oidc/endpoint/jazzop/token"
- auth Endpoint = "{JAS_URI}/oidc/endpoint/jazzop/authorize"

When I perform the Request User Authorization I get an URL but the token is still null, and when I open a browser with that URL I get CWOAU0061E  error.

Did I miss something? Any other configuration is needed?


After reading more doc, I found that for non-web client I should use application passwords and application tokens. So I follow these guides:

The problem is that when i try to create a App-Password/Token, with the personalTokenManagement feature


It doesn't matter using AdminCenter or web explorer, the browser asks for credentials (and it seems that there isn't the JAS credentials) trying to reach the URL https://{JAS_URI}/oidc/endpoint/jazzop/app-passwords ewith result Error 401 - Unauthorized ~ CWWKS1485E: Client authentication failed. Either the client ID, client secret, or both the client ID and client secret are not valid

Where is allocated the files/permission associated to this feature? I also try with LDAP credentials, but with no success.



Ralph Schoon commented Mar 12, 12:08 p.m.

I am unsure what  "When I perform the Request User Authorization" means. I would assume that the EWM integration in the EWM Visual Studio integration handles the authentication. The Eclipse EWM client does the same. I probably don't understand. Please clarify.  

Ernesto Liria commented Mar 14, 9:30 a.m.

Sorry, i'm totally new to this technology and I have a huge lack of knowledge about it, I hope the update could make it clearer

Ralph Schoon commented Mar 14, 9:59 a.m.

Ernesto, I basically do not understand what you are doing/trying to do and how that is related to Jazz.  What is (Visual Studio & WPF application) and how does that relate to connect to ELM? I am not the best to answer, but if you would ask support using this information, I am sure they would also struggle.

Ernesto Liria commented Mar 14, 10:15 a.m.

I want to get the resources of a RM inside a JTS from a desktop application.

The JTS is configured wit SSO and the JAS performs the authorization. 
I get it using a web explorer and the "standard" process. But I want a desktop application (developed with Visual Studio) so I can perform this OAuth2.0 using application passwords to manage the access and data

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