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How to import/export test script step's actual results from/to a file ? in RQM tool

pavan kumar (135) | asked Oct 02 '20, 12:58 a.m.

 when a test step is passed then usually we have to write the expected results into actual results with some modifications only 
and this is very labor some if you have to do it manually for large number of steps 
i wanted to export all steps to a file and do some modifications with English sentences and then import all steps into corresponding actual results 
My question is , is there any feature for importing exporting steps?

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Brett Bohnn (94111156) | answered Oct 02 '20, 11:40 a.m.
edited Oct 02 '20, 12:52 p.m.


There is no web UI feature for exporting and importing steps. 

You could use the ETM REST API though to export all steps for a manual script to XML with: 
GET https://<server>:<port>/qm/service/<ProjectAlias>/testscript/<ID> 

And you can get the test case result with the actual result with:
GET https://<server>:<port>/qm/service/<ProjectAlias>/executionresult/<ID> 

That XML includes:
                <div xmlns="">
                    <div dir="ltr">this is the expected result</div>
                <div xmlns="">this is the ACTUAL RESULT</div>
                <div xmlns="">description</div>

Also, have you looked at the offline execution functionality? That will include the scripts steps and you can just  copy/paste that in step result with extra content and push it back to ETM. Please see

Thanks, Brett  

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