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Performance Impact of increasing Max Feed Entries/page in ETM Advanced Properties

Bharath Rao (88530) | asked Jun 23, 12:43 a.m.

 I would like to understand the performance impact of increasing the Max Feed Entries / page advanced property in ETM in order to increase the data retrieved per request. 

The default value is 50. We would like to increase it to 500.

What is the impact of this change on ETM?

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Bharath Rao (88530) | answered Jun 23, 12:44 a.m.

Increasing the Feed Size property does impact the application performance as it increases the amount of data being retrieved per page using APIs. However, the extent of impact would need to be evaluated in your environment as it depends on your use-case / requirement, network I/O, data shape, HW resources on the server etc.

Our suggestion is to increase the value in steps of say 50 or 100 so you can review the application performance and evaluate in your TestEnvironment before considering the change in a Production Environment.

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