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Report Builder Not Showing TC Execution Records or Results

Christopher McDaniel (157) | asked Aug 25 '20, 9:19 a.m.
edited Aug 25 '20, 4:11 p.m.
I have many Test Case Execution Records and Test Case Results in RQM (6.0.6).  When I go to report builder, I cannot get any results to show up.  I can get Test Plan, Test Case, Scripts, etc.  But any execution related items do not show in report builder.  Some of the records are hours old, and it should not be a caching issue.

Any ideas?


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Davyd Norris (2.3k217) | answered Aug 25 '20, 8:42 p.m.
When you say 'hours old', this is a bit subjective...

Report Builder has two core Data Sources that it uses, and you may have access to only one of them depending on your set up.

The regular Data Warehouse is fed by ETL jobs that get run by the Data Collection Component (DCC). These jobs are normally set to run at 1am and 3am every night, which means that new data won't be loaded into the DW data source until the next day.

The Lifecycle Query Engine (LQE) is a constant trickle feed that updates every few minutes, so using it as a data source will get you almost real time results, however this is at the expense of them sometimes being a bit out of sync - it's what database people call an 'eventually correct' data source.

Both sources come with trade offs - populating the DW is a resource intensive process so you really don't want to run it often, and especially not when you've got users and tasks going on. Because it's run in off-peak times, it's more often a correct snapshot. LQE on the other hand is a constant trickle feed running all the time, so it's not a resource burden. But it's not guaranteed to always be exactly consistent and you have to check for 'skipped resources' more often.
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Christopher McDaniel commented Aug 26 '20, 6:26 a.m.
@Davyd Norris


Thanks for the reply.  It answers the question.  We are using Rational Data Warehouse. I will check today to see if the data is now showing in the reports.


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