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Print By RPE The Tables Authored Among Text In DNG Artifact

Massimo Maschio (132) | asked Jan 30 '23, 5:17 a.m.

 I would like to understand how to identify and print properly through RPE the tables I have in DOORS Next Artifacts.

My case is the following:
I have in DOORS Next some artifacts authored in a module.
Some of those artifacts contain a table among the text, like:
ID              |   Summary
ArtifactID   |   <Standard Text>
                  |   <Table>
                  |   <Standard Text>

So, basically, within a single artifact I have both "standard text" and other text inside a table.
My simple question is: there is a way in RPE to identify that some text in a DNG Artifact is manage within a table?
This because I would like to display it differently (other formats, colors, whatever) by RPE.

Thanks in advance for any answers / suggenstions.

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Karan Dethalia (561) | answered Feb 03 '23, 7:32 a.m.

You can try formatting it using javascript, here is an example where ETM rich text is rendered using XHTML -

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Massimo Maschio commented May 18 '23, 8:37 a.m. | edited May 18 '23, 8:39 a.m.

Hi Karan, Thank you very much for your kind answer. After some additional exploration I found out the solution that works properly for me: I use the following JavaScript:

var textToPrint = div;
textToPrint = textToPrint.replace(/(font-size.?pt)/gi, "");
textToPrint = textToPrint.replace(/(<span style="font-family.?">)/gi, "<span>");
textToPrint = textToPrint.replace(/( font-family.*?">)/gi, "\">");

The extracted and used "div" is the one you can find in the query "dataSource/artifact/content/text/richTextBody/div". XHTML Input and XHTML Output are both checked and selected in the Script Expression window.

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