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Document Style Report - Publishing a single text artifact from DNG from web client

Glyn Costello (12920) | asked Jul 26 '21, 12:20 p.m.


I'm familiar with publishing a document style report for a Module, creating the DTA, updating the MANIFEST.MF , etc. so that users can publish a module to a word document using only the web interface. 

How can I do the same for a single text artifact that has some headings and body text in it? The interface is a bit different if I open the artifact, click the menu in the top righ chose "Create and Print MS Word Document" there is no dialog to choose a template. Does this process use the MANIFEST.MF so I can upload a DTA file based on pubslihing only a DNG Text Artifact Datasource? (without having to create a view at the artifact folder level)?

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