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Automatically store scheduled JRS report to fileshare

Divya _ (254) | asked Jan 02 '23, 10:54 p.m.

Hello team,

We have configured report(s) using JRS report builder, which are running fine, and result format is perfect.
Now we want to automate getting the report results in XML / CSV format on a daily basis.
However, we do have an option to schedule reports to run based on our need. But then we need to again manually login to run the report and store the result.

How can we get this automated so that the report result is stored on some file share?
(We do not want to cope with emulating a browser via script, taking care of log-in, etc.)

Thanks a lot in advance.

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David Honey (1.8k17) | answered Jan 03 '23, 4:26 a.m.
You might look at the export.result.default.dir report builder configuration property. This is documented as follows:
Specifies the default directory on the file system to save the exported results. 

When this property is not set, the default directory is server/conf/rs/ExportResults. During the upgrade, the data is copied to the new ELM through the Report Builder upgrade script.

If the user sets this property, then the default ExportResults location is overridden by the user-defined path, such as c:\IBM\ELM703\server\conf\rs in the conf/rs/ The export results data is stored in this path. During the upgrade, the ExportResults folder data is not copied automatically through the upgrade script. The user needs to perform this process manually.
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