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How am I able to overcome this error: "Approver descriptor already has an approval with the same approver." in order to move test script from one server to another via the REST API?

Aaron Szymanski (111) | asked Aug 29 '22, 4:04 p.m.

When a test script has more than one approver, I get an error when trying to POST the test script via REST API. The error message states: "Approver descriptor already has an approval with the same approver." I at first thought that an approver had been listed twice, but this is not the case. If there is more than just one approver, even if all other approvers are different, the error message will appear. The only way I could get the test script to POST is if I remove all approvers except one. Is there any way whatsoever to copy this list of approvers? I'm trying to move test script data from one server to another.

Michael Rowe commented Oct 19 '23, 2:23 p.m.

What API are you using?  Please provide more context. This does not provide enough information to provide any response. 

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