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Update artifact type for a base artifact using OSLC api.

vontean lucian (132) | asked Apr 26 '22, 10:33 a.m.

I am using Jazz version 7.0.1 and I want to update the artifact type for a base artifact using OSLC API.

I have tried to GET an base artifact and after that do a PUT in order to change the artifact type.
It works for all the properties except for the artifact type. 
It doesn't give an error, but also the artifact type is not changed.

Is there a method which can change the artifact type using some kind of API (OSLC or other) ?

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vontean lucian (132) | answered May 20 '22, 3:50 a.m.

The problem seems to be a bug or maybe a performance optimization .

The artifact type is not changed unless another attribute value is changed.
So in order not to change the original artifact attributes I used Alternative Spellings  attribute (which seems unused) in which I put an incremental number(timestamp) in order to force the server to update also the artifact type.

Maybe this issue will be solved in the future versions in order to avoid this additional hack's, because the Jazz API's (OSLC + others)  are already complicated enough.

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