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( CCM - tracking down verification errors

Steven Hovater (10921) | asked Sep 27 '21, 6:39 a.m.
Verifying CCM (repotools-ccm -verify) produces messages like this:
Verifying items present in the "" component.
CRJAZ1150E The repository was not verified:     SCM Verification failures
CRJAZ1150E The repository was not verified:             CRRTC5114E Configuration[_fju2kIahEemnFagAANKUVg] references the Folder[_fi_PsIahEemnFagAANKUVg] item, which does not exist in the repository.

(and so forth)

Is there a way to increase the verbosity of the repotools-ccm so I can more information?
What does the Configuration[xxx] refer to ? Snapshot? Baseline?


Ralph Schoon commented Sep 27 '21, 7:35 a.m.
Hi Steven,

if you run repotools-ccm >> parameters.txt you get a file that contains all commands and their parameters, including the verification levels in this case. I am not aware how 
to find the resource if you only have the UUID. You might want to open a case with support to get more information. 

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