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Is Passport Advantage cite# different between America and Japan?

Masaru Wada (11) | asked Jun 07, 12:33 p.m.
Good day!

Could you teach me Passport Advantage cite#?

Our Japanese branch has Passport Advantage cite# for IBM product.

We informed it to IBM sales person in America but he couldn't identify it.
He guessed our Passport Advantage cite# is only for usage in Japan.

Is such a thing possible? I think this kind of account is unique in all over the world.

Please excuse my poor English.

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Ralph Schoon (58.2k23642) | answered Jun 07, 2:03 p.m.

this is not really a forum for this kind of stuff.

However I am pretty sure that you see different stuff on sites such as passport advantage, dependent where your account is located and what country you live in. The reason are export limitations and rules that could limit available products based on the country you are in. There are probably a lot more reasons for this.

It might also well be, that you can not reach certain sites in other regions based on your region.It should be possible for a user to find the correct passport advantage site for their region.

Masaru Wada commented Jun 08, 12:14 p.m.

Sorry for posting on inappropriate forum. Now I know Passport Advantage cite# might be different between America and Japan. I really appreciate to your kindness.

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