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RPE with streams, not getting expected results

Shannon Struttmann (13211) | asked Apr 01 '21, 9:30 a.m.

I'm trying to figure out what I'm doing wrong. I have an RPE template and previously I was able to report on a specific stream. Now it's been a few weeks and either I've forgotten something or something has changed, but I can't seem to get the results I'm expecting.

I have a handful of artifacts which have other artifacts embedded. I've made an RPE template that when these are exported to Word, the embedded artifacts look normal, in-line etc. I need to make an update to this template, so I am trying to run it against a stream that has these embedded artifacts, but I'm wanting to see the artifacts with the default embed behavior so I can make improvements. When I run my template against the stream, I am not seeing a version of those artifacts with the embeds. I know it's the wrong version of the artifacts because I've put little <emb> tags in the text so I can find them, and that text is not there. The weird thing is, I'm not seeing a stream that exactly matches the output I'm getting. Anyway, I wanted to check here and see if I was doing something wrong with my data sources.

So in RPE launcher I have configured all my data sources and in the Configuration-Context field, I added the https://myserver/rm/cm/stream/ data. Should I be appending vvc.configuration to my datasources instead/as well? or am I missing something else? Is there any other reason I wouldn't be seeing the correct version of my artifacts? Oh and I set Accept Header to application/rdf+xml, but I can't find where I I was told to do that.


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