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While importing 7.0.2 tar files for RM I receivd a SQLServerException on DNGLOCKS.DB_LOCK. Is there a workaround?

Daniel Barbour (25015) | asked Mar 29, 4:40 p.m.
During the 'Rebuilding Indices....' phase of a repotools-rm.bat -import command on a RM tar file I exported from a server running RM 7.0.2 and was reimporting in to a server running RM 7.0.2 the RM import log file shows the following (only the first issue is shown):

2021-03-28 18:46:24,805 Importing deferred items...
2021-03-28 18:46:25,320 Finished importing deferred items.

2021-03-28 18:46:25,320 Rebuilding indices...
2021-03-28 18:47:48,157 CRJAZ0577E The following SQL query did not execute properly on the server:
create unique index DNGLOCKS_DBLCK_CFG_RSC_UDX ON DNGLOCKS.DB_LOCK (CONFIGURATION, RESOURCE_ITEM_ID) The CREATE UNIQUE INDEX statement terminated because a duplicate key was found for the object name 'DNGLOCKS.DB_LOCK' and the index name 'DNGLOCKS_DBLCK_CFG_RSC_UDX'. The duplicate key value is (_Wf8-gDCyEeWjpc1eG1O1eQ, _BBNy5lQ5EeSwU-S4Uejv-Q).
    ...(lots more)...

Does anyone know of a workaround for this issue?  (Note that I successfully exported/imported 7.0.2 tar files for two other servers with different instances of the 7.0.2 apps but both of those did include RM tar files (though both were much much smaller in size).

Thank you in advance!

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