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RTC Plans visualisation in Formal project and Scrum templates

vinitha dsouza (1211258) | asked Feb 26, 5:16 a.m.
Hello Team,

We have below structure:

2 Project areas , one for planning( Formal) and execution( Scrum template)

planning project area -> milestone planning, Change request
exectution project area -> Execution -> Stories, tasks.

high level overall: Change reqeust -> Tracks -> Stories

Here we are using Cross project plan from Project manager community to check progress of milestone/release.

Our scenarios:
one CR has more stories scattered across different teams and there are some dependencies.
what i can get now in ALM is Sprint plan -> i could mark one story from Team A blocks other story from Team A and visible in roadmap view. can i get overview from Cross project plan , some view to see dependencies across the teams.
2.i cannot see visualisation in Formal project (accumalated time) for blocks and depends where as in scrum template i can see(roadmap view), how can i achieve this?


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