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#RPE#DNG document generation doesn't proceed further while exporting Globally Configured DNG Module

Sunil Mudikonda (111) | asked Feb 11 '21, 7:22 a.m.


We were trying to export globally configured DNG module data by creating a basic template for exporting the module title and module text. 

We have configured two data sources DNG Module and DNG Text, also provided the configuration URI using the OSLC picker in launcher. 

RPE document generation stops at point trying to retrieve data from https://localhost:9443/rm/publish/text?resourceURI=CA_d9c0a3fde44b488b8608867da3d3a911

when we try to access the same by changing the URL to the following https://localhost:9443/rm/resources/text?resourceURI=CA_d9c0a3fde44b488b8608867da3d3a911

we see the following error

Error 404: Not Found

CRRRS08737W There is no usable configuration for component "Testing". A component must have at least one non-archived configuration associated with it in order to use it. If there are no configurations available then a previously archived configuration will need to be restored.||Restore one or more configurations for this component using "Manage Components and Configurations". The configuration will then be available for selection in the web client.

For different modules we see different error as below

ID CRRRW7283E The project that contains the artifact might have been deleted or archived, you might not be a member of the project,or the artifact might not be visible in the current configuration. Verify that the artifact exists, that you are using an appropriate configuration, and that you are a member of the project.

When we try to export only the Module title , we were able to export but when we include the text the document generation stuck at this point.

We followed all the required steps for exporting a module data and a simple template bust still couldn't export the data.

Ralph Schoon commented Feb 15 '21, 2:59 a.m.

I would suggest to open a case with support. 

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