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Upgrade RTC 6.0.6 to EWM - Db2 LuW upgrade path

Dennis Behm (3821415) | asked Jan 12 '21, 3:01 a.m.

 We are planning the upgrade from RTC 6.0.6 to the latest EWM release. 

While Db2 LuW 11.1 will already be out of support in April 2022, we intended to migrate directly to 11.5. But11.5 is not a supported Db2 system for RTC 6.0.6. However, our plan is to apply our production database backup from RTC 6.0.6 to the 11.5 instance and then perform the upgrade process to EWM.

Anyone else who has done that already. Any recommendations / comments?

Thanks for you input on this.

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Don Yang (7.7k21114139) | answered Jan 12 '21, 6:42 p.m.
Hi, Dennis

DB2 11.1 is a common version supported by both RTC6.0.6 and EWM 7.0.x. You should use it as a bridge to upgrade to v7.0.x EWM first and then upgrade DB2 to 11.5 as a safe path. No matter who else experience in upgrade directly to DB11.5 with RTC6.0.6, it is not officially supported path and there is no guarantee if there may have any underlined problem or not. There is a reason ELM provides a common server and database version between the v6.0.6.x release and v7.0.x to allow an existing deployment to be upgraded in place. I believe that should be the way to go with in your upgrade plan.


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