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Update summary attribute of testcase requirement attribute

Steven Wallace (333) | asked Sep 23 '20, 9:00 a.m.

When I create a <oslc_qm:validationRequirements rdf:resource="<resource>" /> for a ExecutionElement2 I notice the <ns2:requirement> element has a attribute named "summary" that gets set to the href of the resource (requirement), but when I create the link via the web interface the summary is set to "<resource identifier>: <resource title>". Is there a way to set the summary via oslc similarly to the way its set when created via the web interface? Thanks.

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permanent link
Jaime de Alba (211) | answered Oct 09 '20, 3:33 p.m.

 Can you explain further how are you trying to create it? do you have any sample?

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