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Test case execution result which is in progress status.

Sudarshan M (107121) | asked Aug 18 '20, 12:17 p.m.

 Wanted to know if there is a way to run a test case execution result which is in progress status. Users have run multiple test runs in parallel for a TCER and one of them is in progress. Is there a way to continue this execution as the users do not want to mark it as deferred or with any other status. Since we do not see any option to resume execution, kindly suggest what needs to be done.

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Karthik Sirimulla (1811) | answered Aug 19 '20, 1:15 a.m.

 Hi Sudarshan,

If the latest result of a test case execution record is in 'InProgress' state, you can resume the execution from 
1. 'Last result' column -> 'Resume this Execution' icon
2. Action menu -> 'Resume Execution' icon
3. Go into the test case execution record detail view -> Run icon -> 'Resume Execution' icon

If the previous results of a test case execution record are in "InProgress" state, 
1. Go the test case result page
2. Go to Result Details section
3. Click on Edit in Results Details
4. Now you can verify each step and record the result state and save
5. Test case result Actual Result and Weight distribution is calculated accordingly.


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