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how to import Simulink and magicdraw model on RMM.

Unknown User (19136) | asked Sep 10 '20, 4:39 a.m.

 We want to import magicdraw & Matlab model in RMM.

And We are using GC .. so in our GC context we will have AM stream .. in which we have models from magic draw n matlab.

also we have RM stream and Qm stream so that we can link each other ( RM-->Model>> Test cases ).

someone let me know how to import Simulink and magicdraw model on RMM.

Stephen Rooks commented Dec 02 '20, 5:36 a.m.
For Simulink , use the Mathworks DNG adapter.
For Magicdraw, use Rhapsody and import the model. This Rhapsody model will be GC aware and you can link to test cases etc.

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Graham Bleakley (611) | answered Sep 10 '20, 5:27 a.m.
HI Venkat

One way to  integrate Simulink models into RMM though is to bring the Simulink .mdl file into a Rhapsody model as a simulink block and also add it as a controlled file to the Rhapsody component. You can  then then  relate  requirements/test using OSLC linkng to the Simulink block.

I also think it might be possible for EWM to configuration manage magicDraw files (but i think their format is very monolithic, so it may not be so useful) and tie them to Workitems and then  you can create oslc links to Tests and requirements etc, through EWM.

The  other way to create OLSC links between all the assets in DNG/ETM/EWM/Rhapsody etc and Simulink/Magicdraw models is to look a tool like Mids Smartfacts ( which supports GCs or Syndia from Intercax, ( which i  do not  think supports GCs.

Best regards Graham Blekaley

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