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Create OSLC link from DNG to DOORS 9.7

Harald Horber (112) | asked Sep 09 '20, 11:26 a.m.
 I try to establish a link from DNG Jazz 6 artifact to DOORS 9.7 object. Servers are configured, association added and keys are exchanged. DNG component is configuration management enabled and member of global configuration. Anyway I have an issue when I want to create an OSLC link from DNG artifact to DOORS object. What do I have to select as component in DOORS a project or a module? 
When I try to select a module I get following error message:
CRRRW7360E The selected project does not support configuration management capabilities.
I can not find more information about the error code on IBM page! What do I have to select as project? DOORS module or DOORS project? Do I have to prepare the DOORS project before it can be used?

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frank grapengiesser (217) | answered Sep 15 '20, 6:39 a.m.
The following document might explain your difficulties:

According to this document linkage for configuration enabled project areas is possible from Doors 9.7 for ELM  from version  7.x  upwards.
According to your question you are trying to integrate with DNG 6.x

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