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Do you perform reviews on change sets?

David Clark (234536) | asked Sep 01 '20, 4:28 p.m.

 I know the DNG review process is not available for change sets, but we review change sets prior to committing to the stream. Does anyone else perform reviews in this manner or do you deliver to the stream and then review the delivered content?

What is your best practice?
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Jessica Collyer (463) | answered Sep 02 '20, 11:23 a.m.

 David --

My team and I deliver to the stream and review the delivered content.  We make sure to take a baseline, and create the review from the baseline that way the artifacts dont change in the review.  

To help my team and I know what state the artifacts are in we use the "state" attribute. We have states of "New",  "Working", "Submit for PR", "in Review", "Approved", and "Rejected".  


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Dave Evans (1382140) | answered Sep 03 '20, 12:51 p.m.

My project wants to review multiple change sets before delivery to the stream. I am just getting started on building an OpenSocial gadget that behaves similarly to the 'Tracked Changes' feature in MS Word where it can step you through the changes within a certain module. One desire we have is to review multiple change sets at once (say, all the change sets linked to one work item). I am getting nervous though that it will be complex for me to compute the changes for a single artifact if it was included in multiple of the change sets. And I keep wondering if we should just try to adapt the supported method of reviews on delivered content only.

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