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Need to check whether Workitemlist attribute value changes or not using server side api

Pallavi Deore (38148) | asked Aug 28 '20, 6:05 a.m.

 Hello All,

I am using RTC 606.1
I am working on the server side plugin where plugin should trigger when Workitem list attribute changes so I have written below code:


IAttribute Handle=wis.findAttribute(workingCopy.getProjectArea(), "wilist", monitor);
IAttribute Handle_Old=wis.findAttribute(wiold.getProjectArea(), "wilist", monitor);
List<WorkItem> wislist= null;
List<WorkItem> wilist_old=null;
wislist=(List<WorkItem>) workingCopy.getValue(Handle);
wilist_old=(List<WorkItem>) wiold.getValue(Handle_Old);


But code is not working properly 
I dont know how to check workitemlist attribute changes or not

Kindly help me in this.

Pallavi Deore

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