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OSLC Connections from External Applications to DNG with JSA and SAML/OIDC SSO

Mechelle Taylor (311) | asked Aug 28, 4:28 p.m.

 We have several external applications that are needing to create OSLC connections with Requirements Management Doors Next Generation.  We have been using the information from and as our primary guides for trying to get these clients authenticated into our RM application.  We are using Jazz Security Architecture with a Third Party SAML or OIDC IDP (we can configure either) and ELM 7.0.2.

The document,, references a "Work in progress" in section 3.iv for having a SAML SSO provider.  
  • Is there any updates or new information on this "Work in progress" section?  
  • Would a Third Party OIDC provider be a more workable solution?  
  • Has anybody been able to get a Native Client Authentication working with a third party SAML or OIDC provider?

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