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How to open DOORS in read-only mode from a DOORS URL

Aaron Mailhot (111) | asked Aug 05 '20, 4:20 p.m.
When I click on a test DOORS object link I made (right-click > copy URL on a DOORS object) from an email that I sent myself, my DOORS client opens in 'default exclusive edit mode' whereas I would like the client to open in 'default read-only mode'.

I have setup a shortcut to my client that does indeed open as default read-only (by adding these parameters to the target: -o "READ_ONLY" -O "READ_ONLY"). Thus, my understanding is that the DOORS url is finding the 'original' client application for DOORS (which I understand does open as default exclusive-edit) and bypassing my shortcut, and maybe somehow I can 'register' DOORS url's to open my shortcut or something like that?

My DOORS client is Classic DOORS, v9.6.1.10.

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