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How to Validate Numeric Data Entered in the DOORS Module

Siddharth Kaul (135) | asked Aug 05 '20, 5:00 a.m.

We are working with DOORS 9.6 and have a doors module that looks something like follows:

| Parameters | Value | Description | Min | Max |
| <parameter-name> | <float-value> | <description-text> | <float-value> | <float-value> |

I need to put a check in DOORS in Value cell so the value stays in between min and max provided. 
Min and Max and Value all have default value 0.

I am not able to find how to achieve this in DOORS module itself.

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Hugh Lippincott (199) | answered Dec 03 '20, 11:01 a.m.

In DOORS 9.6 there is already the ability to limit inputs, then you can use the DXL scripting to do many other things.

I note that there is NO value between a Max=0 and a Min=0 unless you mean <= and >=.

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