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DNG REST limited number of artifacts - 512

Oana Capatana (2317) | asked May 05 '20, 3:16 a.m.


We are exporting DNG artifacts using RPE. The main url that currently fails for us is this one:

Our current version of DNG is ifix13.
Up until the fix the RPE reports used to work fine, but after DNG update the response always returned no more than 512 artifacts. It doesn;t seem to be a paginated result, there is no link to the next page in the response.
Is there anywhere we can increase this limit?

When making the above request from poster, it also brings 512 artifacts, just wanted to mention that it is not an RPE template design issue

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Fariz Saracevic (779613) | answered May 05 '20, 3:23 a.m.

 I suggest to reach out to IBM Support to raise issue against DNG.

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Erik Novysedlák (11) | answered Jul 16 '20, 3:35 p.m.

 Hello Oana,

we had the same problem. We managed to move all the artifacts to one folder and then query from folder, not using <jazz_url>/rm/publish/text?typeName=<type>&projectURI=<projectId>.

We were querying for terms and all we got was 100 terms, so we went for the folder approach.
We can totally help you if you need anything

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