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How do you create a Category so that it can be set in creating a new Quality Task?

Mary Miller (87129) | asked Feb 06 '20, 12:42 p.m.
Good day,

I am playing with Quality Manager version 6.0.6 iFix012

I know that you can create a Quality Task to then assign different sections of the Test Plan to team members.  The part I am struggling with is figuring out how to create a Category that will then show up in the Filed Against drop down of the Quality Task.

I don't have RTC customized to work with Quality Manager at this time.  So, I really just need to figure out how to assign a team member a Quality Task based on a Quality Manager customized Category.



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Krupa Gunhalkar (4512) | answered Feb 07 '20, 9:02 p.m.

 Hi Mary,

The category you want to be show up under the Quality task you create needs to be created under RTC , which will eventually show on quality task no matter from where you create it. It can be from RTC project area, or from QM artifacts page where you have an option of creating quality tasks.

However, if you create categories in QM, that won;t show up for RTC's quality task. If you want similar/same Categories for both RQM and RTC, then you need to create such categories under both applications.

For creating categories in QM, you need to have Admin privileges. And based on the area you are creating the Quality task for, same category ( created in QM) can be provided for QM artifacts.

Once you have same categories under both the applications, filter the QM artifacts based on these categories and look for the Quality tasks linked to them.

Hope this helps,
Krupa Gunhalkar

Mary Miller commented Feb 10 '20, 3:07 p.m.

Okay, I will see if I can create a quality task in the next day or two.  I will report back when I can get into our system.  



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