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Guidance for DOORS NG sketching capability

Vani B (1391067) | asked Jan 10 '20, 10:57 a.m.

how to use theᅠDOORS NG sketching capability.

1) Where is guidance that we can refer?

2) Are there known issues with the capability that might trigger a recommendation to avoid using it?

3) What alternatives are recommended for capturing and maintaining diagrams & sketches?ᅠ

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Carol Watson (71016) | answered Jan 10 '20, 11:14 a.m.

 Hi Vani,

Here's a suggestion on how we've used the diagram feature for changes in some projects. 

If there's a change to UI screen/page, they'll "Insert a picture" (marked up screen shot) of the existing screen, then use the DNG diagram features to show what they're adding or replacing below the screen shot. They'll then link that diagram to the UI Artifacts detailing the requirements. Seems to work well for providing a visual to go along with the changed requirements.

I can't say we create Diagrams that often to document business or process flows; most of our users tend to continue to use Visio for that, then upload as a PDF to DNG.  That's partly because they're starting with an existing Visio from another project that they've modified.


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