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RQM - Duplicating a Test Case - to new Project Area

Parameswaran V (544) | asked Nov 25 '19, 8:20 a.m.

 Within a test case, when i try to duplicate a test to another project area - i see only one option alone(Always Checked)

<label disabled="true" dojoattachpoint="_deepCopyCrossProjectLabel"> Include links to duplicates of the test artifacts that the original artifacts link to </label>
Is there a way to 'NOT' duplicate the requirements links while we are duplicating the tests and linked scripts?

Use Case:
Duplicate the tests and scripts from one project to a new project. (However the new project have a new set of requirements)

The only way now i see is, we have to go inside each of the duplicated tests and remove the older requirements links.
Is that the only way or is there another way around.

<label dojoattachpoint="messageArea"> </label>

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Vijay Patil (3963) | answered Dec 02 '19, 7:18 a.m.
Hi Parameswaran,

Currently Duplicate dialog in RQM doesn't provide option to deselect the the check box for - Include links to duplicates of the test artifacts that the original artifacts link to.
I will suggest you to raise an RFE for this in RQM with your use case.

You can also use the RQM Copy Utility to just duplicate the test case in the same server. You can read more about Copy Utility here - RQM Copy Utility

Hope this helps.

Parameswaran V selected this answer as the correct answer

Parameswaran V commented Dec 04 '19, 1:33 a.m.

Thank you Vijay.

Just two more questions:
Can i not use the copy utility for moving across two QM Servers, then? 

Also, when you meant 'Copy of test case' - hopefully, i can copy the linked test scripts as well, using the copy utility - correct?

Vijay Patil commented Dec 04 '19, 6:53 a.m.
Hi Parameswaran,

You can also use Copy Utility for moving across QM servers.
Copy Utility provides you an option to copy the artifacts with/without referenced artifacts. By default, Copy Utility do a "deep copy", where all referenced artifacts are copied as well. For test case, the linked test scripts will also be get copied. I think, this should avoid coping requirements linked to the test case. I will encourage to try it out first.
You can control coping of referenced artifacts using argument -
-nr, -norecurse


Parameswaran V commented Dec 10 '19, 12:28 p.m.

Thank you. I shall try this, and let you know of feedback. 

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