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Adding Subheadings in a DNG Document Type using code

Vaibhav S (106245) | asked Oct 30 '19, 12:42 a.m.


I am creating a Document type structure in DNG using Java code. It has Headings, sub headings and sub-sections (e.g. 2, 21., 2.1.1 etc).

I have created all the Artifacts and Modules as standalone. Now I am associating them in the required structure.

For the same I am adding <oslc_rm:uses rdf:resource="artifactURI"> tag with Artifact URI in the Module xml and posting it to Module URI.

But this URI for the same Artifact comes to be different when that Artifact is inspected as Standalone Artifact and same Artifact when inspected being attached to a Document Type Module.

Please let me know how to handle this.


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