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Jazz release notes interpretation

Norman Dignard (356686164) | asked Jul 12 '19, 12:25 p.m.

 I was asked a question about the ifixes but did not have a clear understanding in order to provide a response that i hope someone can address.

In the ifix readme's they have 2 sections:
 8. NEW APAR FIXES IN THIS IFIX which is self evident   and 
This interim fix contains fixes for the following APARs:
[APAR ID] [Maintenance Item Summary] [Maintenance Item URL]

+-- Product Rational DOORS Next Generation
Fixed in release 6.0.6: .......

How should one interpret section 10? I read this as noise and has nothing to do with the changes in the ifix .   Am i interpreting this section correctly, the language is confusing to say the least - "  This interim fix contains fixes for the following APARs" but the they say "Fixed in release 6.0.6: ......" (or some other version)..

For RTC - what about the p2 repo.  I assume this covered under  5. RATIONAL TEAM CONCERT CLIENT FOR ECLIPSE UPDATE SITE INSTRUCTIONS which brings me to my next question.   It appears we need to download a new p2 package which is not provided as part of the ifix, uninstall the old and install the new. Is this correct?  why not include it as part of the ifix. The current method sure makes life harder.


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