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403-Forbidden exception while importing reqif in 6.0.6 ifix009

Pavithra Shivalingappa (128219) | asked Jul 03 '19, 6:13 a.m.
Hi All,

    An exception occured while importing reqif file in DNG 606 ifix 009 server. Below is the exception details:

Could not create entry for _31f4392a-eb1e-4aef-a7c6-e0088cb4e6ff using service types; 403 Propagated exception; original message [ForbiddenException: CRRRS8601E You cannot change [] to [http://xxxx/dng/attribute-data-values/abc_asil_levels/QM(B)].

What i understood from the exception is one of the rdf uri for a data type attribute contains special characters like "(" , ")", spaces. SO, while importing the reqif file it throws the above exception.

So, any idea on which all special characters are restricted while creating an rdf uri from 6.0.6 ifix009 ?
And also please share the link provided  by IBM if any regarding the special character restriction

Thanks in advance

Pavithra S

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Rakesh S (39112) | answered Jul 03 '19, 7:12 a.m.

Error 403-Forbidden is the expected behaviour while importing the ReqIF in 6.0.6 ifix009 as the RDF uri for a data type attribute contains special characters.

"The RDF URI must contain valid characters and its format must comply with the RFC 3986 standard, for example, The URI must not contain spaces, and the last character in the URI must be a letter or a number: it cannot be a punctuation mark or symbol.

1. The URI must not contain spaces.
2. The URI must not end in a trailing slash.
3. The last segment of the URI must not contain only numbers.
4. The last segment of the URI must not contain only non-alphabetical characters.
5. The final character of the URI must be a letter or a number except in the case of a hyphen, period, or underscore.

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Pavithra Shivalingappa commented Jul 04 '19, 4:54 a.m.

How to handle existing rdf uri that already contains special characters?

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