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Unable to create a backlink in another product from DNG.

Thomas Piccoli (154) | asked Jun 17 '19, 3:00 p.m.

Login to rm/web
Open a requirement
Epand the Links section
Click on Add Link to Artifact
Select a link type (Derives Architect Element)
On the picker dialog select an artifact container
Select an Architect Element
Press OK
The DNG page refreshes and the requested link is not displayed in the Links section
Added some logging to our OSLC ReST module and I do not see any PUT calls from DNG
When I do the same thing from RTC I do get a PUT call when the work item is Saved and it has a content body with the information needed to create a back link to the work item in RTC.

Does DNG support this use case and if so, is there a description you can refer me to that describes what I might be missing in the services document.

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