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Query baseline/stream/workspace items based on name via HTTP REST API (not Java)

Jordan Elizaga (111) | asked May 14 '19, 7:56 p.m.
edited May 14 '19, 8:05 p.m.

 Is there a way to query SCM/CCM items like baselines, workspaces, projectAreas, etc via the REST API provided here:

For example, I can make this query using the RTC client desktop, how can I make the same query using the HTTP REST API? 

Also, I can do COPY URL to get a specific work space: (See image:


But is it possible to query a workspace based on name (not id) to get the UUID?  Is there documentation to where I could find the list of queries I could make?  Here's something very close:

But I would like to know if there's an option to query based on ProjectArea name="*" instead of ownerItemId.



Or this (JAVA Api) scm -u y query --stream "in_projectarea('{project_area_name}')" -r https://server/ccm -m all --json

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