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can we sync up 2 DNG projects on different DNG server?

jane zhou (106761) | asked May 13 '19, 5:53 p.m.


Hi Someone who may concern,
   Our management team has some request  as follows
1 A DNG project on our server (configuration enabled)
2 A DNG project on vendor's server (configuration enabled)
3 Develop a tool to create connection between 2 projects on different DNG server 
   Then if artifacts in our DNG project is updated, it should be synced up to vendors project.
    And we could configure what should be synced and what should not by UI of the tool ( such as mapping between artifact attribute or component or module)

    However, I am wondering whether IBM provide all APIs needed to support such kind of sync up between 2 DNG projects? i.e. whether IBM consider such kind of request when they design and implement DNG? 

     As we know, Tasktop can support to sync up between 2 RTC projects, I assume because the architecture in RTC is rather simple and no configuration involved, just need to run query to get updated ones and trigger sync up on work item level. But for DNG, I am afraid the effort to develop a internal tool to do sync up work may not be practical. Considering architecture is much more complicated, query may not be available on all levels...

      Just want to confirm whether it is feasible or not.


Best Regards,
Jane Zhou


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