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License Key Error - CRJAZ1236I

Gerard Burke (21) | asked May 13 '19, 6:12 a.m.

 We are in the middle of migrating a Rational Team Concert V5.0 instance from an IBM i server to another. The method of migration is using iTera (logical replication). The donor system had WebSphere Base v8.5, however this has been changed to WebSphere Express v8.5.5. To get WebSphere to start up, any references to /Base in the config and folder was changed to /Express. I am assuming that using WebSphere Express instead of Base will not be a problem given that they are effectively the same software.

The problem we have relates to adding Client Access License Keys for Developer for IBM Enterprise Platforms. The keys show as inactive with the "developer for IBM Enterprise Platforms client access license type is not compatible with the Jazz Development null. Install a compatible client access license or change the server license key." The product value also defaults to Jazz Development with CRJAZ1236I a development time license is being used. Although the Floating License Server license keys have been accepted.

The donor IBM i Jazz Team Server is still active. We also tried to return keys and get keys on the IBM Rational License Key center, however this just keeps going back to the download keys option. We have 15 licenses available and only 8 in use on the Donor.

When inputting the keys and accepting the Client Access License agreement, this shows an error if we put in 7 and only goes to the next step if we put in 8 to 15. The error when putting in less than or equal to 7 shows "A problem occurred and the license configuration was not saved (CRJAZ09491I Changing the total number of available client access licenses to 7 is not allowed because 8 are currently used. Before reducing the number available, first unassigned client access licenses until only 7 are used) ID CRAZ149E

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